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The Association emphasizes on practice informed by research. We hope that through sharing of our research work, we will help to raise the standards of acupuncture in Singapore.
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Acupuncture is a genuine treatment Feb 12, 2011 (doc 53kB)
针灸不是安慰剂 2011-02-18 (doc 32kB)
针灸是虚假的吗?(2011-03-05)高极登 (doc 31kB)
Introduction to Accupuncture in the Malay Language (pdf 804kB)
新加坡针灸学会与中国医院签署合作协议 (2011-11-1) (jpg 301kB)
A New Perspective for the Use of Painless Laser in Classical Acupuncture by Rodney Lim (docx 2.9MB)
以脊柱激活器为主治疗颈性眩晕23例临床观察 朱立信医师作 (docx 1.3MB)
腹针验案三例(1).jpg (jpg 200kB)
腹针验案三例(2).jpg (jpg 281kB)
薄氏腹针疗法在新加坡的近期开发概况(1).jpg (jpg 223kB)
薄氏腹针疗法在新加坡的近期开发概况(2).jpg (jpg 335kB)
薄氏腹针疗法在新加坡的近期开发概况(3).jpg (jpg 165kB)
百余名专家医生出席第三届腹针学术研讨会 (jpg 365kB)
A New Perspective in the Use of Laser for Acupuncture (pptx 181kB)
2015年 第三届《仲景论坛》
2015 Presentation at the 6th Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress (docx 1.9MB)
2016 记北京第四届腹针国际学术研讨会 (docx 21kB)
Painless Laser Acupuncture for Low Back Pain by Rodney Lim (pdf 965kB)
Use of Low Level Laser Anaesthesia for Teeth Extraction (jpg 1.2MB)
2017 40TH Anniversary Celebration Photos (pdf 7.1MB)
2018-06-03 Painless Laser Acupuncture for Quit Smoking - Peer Review (pdf 529kB)